Are grapes dangerous for rabbits?

My rabbit seems to love them but since I give them as treats he eats them quickly and runs away with it. I give him around 10 seedless grapes. Is this ok? 11 Answers It’s nice to see a rabbit all happy & excited about some kind of food or another. I feel that 10 … Read more

What are some advantages and disadvantages of locally installed software?

Please tell me some pros and cons of locally installed software 2 Answers I’m assuming you’re comparing locally installed software to software that’s in the cloud? Advantages-faster, accessible without internet access, more secure because no information is sent over the internet Disadvantages – only accessible on one computer, users can pirate the software easier, takes … Read more

can u give me a description of a haunted house?

17 Answers A cool shudder trickles down your spine. Glancing around nervously, you see somber portraits staring at you from behind layers of dust, seemingly penetrating your very being. Cold, hesitant light streams in through a cracked window, casting eerie shadows on the walls. As you walk forward, you can’t help but feel that someone … Read more

I need ANSWERS for Quest I-Poon!?

I need the answers for 8 and over. I know…i suck…but i’m not here to hear that crap. so PLEASE could i have some answers??? 8 Answers if you want hints for this just go here:… buuut…if you’re really that desperate, and can’t help wracking your brarin over what those clue things mean, then … Read more

What is the fear of sporks?

I’ve heard that this does not have a real name, but I really need to know. People keep asking me what i am afraid of, and I say sporks, but they hear sports. It gets annoying, so I just really want to be able to say what it is really called. Please tell me the … Read more

Foot surgery for overpronation? (bone graft / sinus tarsi implant)?

I am 16 and I have really badly overpronating feet (collapsed arches, falling inward). It has caused me much pain from tendonitis in the overworked tendons which eventually led to a wheelchair for several days… anyways, my foot surgeon is reccomending a bone graft surgery that will strengthen my foot and prevent outward motion of … Read more

How long does it take to do laundry at a laundermat?

I know their machines are “super machines” and can wash more at one time but do they wash the clothes faster than your average house washing machine? 3 Answers I think the cycles are about 30 minutes for a wash, 30 minutes for a dry of an average machine. If you are stepping away from … Read more

HELP! Is a scam?

I just got something from this website: I bought something 🙁 , and in paypal the email address of this person was [email protected] Is this person and site a scam? Please help! 5 Answers Never buy things from websites that claim the products are cheap. Anything under 2/3 of the price of the REAL … Read more

Preschool vs. Montessori?

Hi everyone, I’m trying to make a decision between preschool and montessori for my child. He’s only 1 but would like to enroll him in a half day program when he is 2. I hear good things about montessori schools but am wondering if it really is better than preschool or are they different but … Read more

What pods can I use with my Dolce Gusto?

I am looking to buy a Nescafe Dolce Gusto, but I wanted to know if I have to use their pods or if I can buy cheaper ones. Also wondering if it might just be cheaper to buy a real espresso machine as I will be drinking the espresso drinks daily, and I only get … Read more

What is the importance of water in a living organism?

^^^help? 5 Answers * Minerals and ions dissolve in water – this is how they are transported around the bodies of organisms. If it was not for water, they would not be able to be transported around the body * Water helps regulate body temperature – for example, it prevents an organism from over-heating. This … Read more

What is EFlyff?

What is EFlyff? Is it different from the original Flyff and is it better? 2 Answers English Flyff What are your computer specs? What’s your internet speed? Without this info, I can’t help you….. Your question is extremely vague.

ABOUT how much is scooter/moped insurance cost?

if it is 150cc? i will be 16 when i get it. any good brands to look for? thanks 8 Answers I pay about $120/year for a 125cc scooter (full comprehensive insurance) in chicago. Would be less for liability only, but scooters are easy to steal. I’m with progressive. I pay $70 a year on … Read more

Anyone know what the citroen saxo vtr’s are like?

i mean things like is there any common re accurring problems,how much is the tax and any other usefull u may know………….thanks 7 Answers One expensive common problem on Saxo’s (and Peugeot 106’s) is wear in the rear radius arm bearings. To check, stand a couple of car lengths behind the Saxo and look at … Read more

what are some good names for a new Sun Conure?

we’ve reserved him and we’re going to get him this Monday. This is what a Sun Conure looks like:… They are generally loud birds, but very smart. I just want to start thinking of some names. We don’t know whether its a boy or a girl, you can’t find out their gender unless you … Read more

what is yes in korean?

is it “ye” or “de” 6 Answers In korean: yes [ne (ye->>it’s pronounce)]. No[Anio]. Ex: yes it’s [ne, geureosseumida.] no, this is my second time[anio, dubeonjjaemnida] Yes In Korean It’s “ye” 예 You can also use “neh” 네 Both are formal but sometimes “ye” can be seen as more formal than the former. “Neh” is … Read more

is deforestation necessary for advancement and development?

do we _have_ to clear forests just for society to develope and further modernize? is it possible to build a nation and still be ecologically friendly? to what extent? when can we stop killing our forests for the ‘greater good’ of society? 3 Answers Cutting down trees isn’t inherently bad. As long as you don’t … Read more

.is goks dvd for real?

.hi!i would like to ask if it is true that sells dramas from Asian countries with good hd quality,good english subtitles with no errors and no cuts?because im planning to buy there if ever it is true and not a scam because i texted the number given by them to ask some things but … Read more

Is there any food at Swiss Chalet that a vegetarian can eat?

4 Answers I can say from experience there isn’t anything?/much? that’s vegan. But, I suspect there are vegetarian options. (I haven’t been to a Swiss Chalet in ages, for this exact reason…even though my husband likes it,) Here’s their nutritional information: Looks like some salads, maybe fries or mashed potatoes, veggie burger, desserts…. Most … Read more

Is guinea pig “wheeking” noise a HAPPY noise or not?

I have a friend who has had a guinea pig for almost a year now. I just met it a few days ago. She is convinced that when they making a “wheeking” noise, it means that they’re happy. Having never seen a guinea pig before I figured she was right, but after I actually saw … Read more

How are jigsaw puzzles cut?

Yeah yeah….with a jigsaw, right? 🙂 As a guy who puts together a few puzzles a month I`ve often wondered how they do it. In woodworking, there`s a term called `kerf` which is the width of the blade used to cut the wood–when you measure out a piece of wood, you `cut alongside the line` … Read more