​invisible fats include those in ​shortening ​sour cream ​fried foods ​margarine ​sweetened beverages

​invisible fats include those in ​shortening ​sour cream ​fried foods ​margarine ​sweetened beverages


The answer is fried foods. Invisible fats refer to the fat that cannot be seen easily and would be impossible to separate it from food. A visible fat such as the olive oil can be absorb when cooking yet will become invisible.
The answer is Fried foods.
Invisible fats are fats that contribute to the taste and flavor of a food but you cannot see them. Other invisible fats include fats which are found in baked goods, nuts, peanut butter, processed meats.
The infrared (ir) and the ultraviolet(uv) represent the two extremities of the visible spectrum (400-700nm). while ir represents electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than those of visible light, uv represents wavelengths shorter than visible light

the answer that best describes the relative refractory period in the neuron is the resting membrane potential is restored, but concentrations of sodium and potassium are not restored to their original state.

the refractory period is the time during which another stimulus given to the neuron will not lead to a second potential. thus, because na+ channels are inactivated during this time, additional depolarizing stimuli do not lead to new action potentials.  

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