1. en enero hace calor ?

what do these mean and how do i answer them in complete sentences in spanish ??

1. en enero hace calor ?

2. en que meses hace frio?

3. que tiempo hace en el verano?

4. nieva en agosto?

thanks 🙂

people who answered correctly thank u 🙂

but think what u want if im cheating or not. ive been absent for 2 days b/c ive been really sick and still am. this is makeup homework so i dont really understand it. thats why im asking it on here

6 Answers

  • 1. Is it hot in January?

    No, no hace calor en enero.

    2. During which months is it cold?

    Hace frio en diciembre, enero, y febrero.

    3. What temperature is it during summer?

    Hace calor durante el verano./ Esta caliente durante el verano.

    4. does is snow in august?

    No, no nieva en agosto.

  • 1) means: is it hot in January ?

    2)on which months is the temp. cold?

    3)what time of the year is it hot?

    4) does it snow in August?

    ans#1-no, en enero hace frio

    ans#2-en decembre hace frio

    ans#3-hace calor en julio

    ans#4-no nieva en agosto

    this feels like cheating :/

    Source(s): Im mexican 😀
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  • Our school year just started so it's kinda hard for us

  • Seriously, how hard can spanish 1 be?

  • Cheater. Christ, the school year just started.

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