1. which amino acid corresponds to the codon acc?

1. which amino acid corresponds to the codon acc? a. isoleucine b. threonine c. glutamine d. trptophan 2. a leafy sea dragon's enzyme is being made in a cell. which two codons represent the amino acid pheylalanine? a. uuu and uuc b. uua and uug c. auu and uua d. aau and ucc 3. which amino acids are in the code auggucggu? a. methionine, valine, and aspartic acid b. methionine, valine, and glycine c. arginine, histidine, and cysteine d. methionine, glutamine, and alanine 4. where do the instructions for building a protein originally come from? a. rrna b. dna c. mrna d. trna


#1 is B. #2 is A. #3 is B. #4 is C.

1. threonine

2. UUU and UUC

3. methionine, valine, and glycine

4. DNA

I took the quiz and these are 100% the correct answers.

The amino acid is threonine.

Each amino acid coded for by a set of three nucleotides in DNA. Each set of nucleotides is called a codon or triplet . The set of all possible three-nucleotide combinations is called the genetic code or triplet code.

There are 64 combinations, 3 of these do not code for any amino acids and are thus known as non - sense  codons. The remaining 61 combinations code for specific amino acids and are thus known as sense codons.

Thus  ACC is one of the sense codons as it codes for the amino acid threonine.

it's threonine, I took this quiz

The tRNA would be unable to read the mRNA CODON, and will be unable to carry its corresponding amino acid


Protein synthesis occurs in two major stages; transcription and translation. Transcription involves the synthesis of a mRNA molecule while translation involves reading the sequence of the mRNA in order to synthesize amino acids that forms protein. Let's look at translation in details. Translation occurs with the help of a type of RNA molecule called transfer RNA (tRNA) present in the RIBOSOME (site of protein synthesis).

The tRNA possesses a group of three nucleotides called ANTICODON, which it uses to read the mRNA codon that is complementary to it i.e. an anticodon UAC will read mRNA codon AUG. The tRNA binds to the mRNA molecule in order to assess its nuceleotide sequence. Once, a complementary anticodon succesfully reads a particular mRNA codon, it carries the amino acid encoded by the mRNA codon it reads to the growing polypeptide chain. This is the normal translation process.

However, as stated in the question, that if a wrong anticidon successfully binds to a codon. This means that the anticodon that binds to the mRNA codon is not complementary to it. What would happen in this case is that the Anticodon will be unable to read that particular codon it binds to because the complementary base pairing rule is used to read i.e. A-U, G-C. Once, the anticodon cannot read the mRNA codon, the tRNA will also be unable to carry the amino acid that is encoded by that CODON.

C. Ser, ile, ser, arg, cys.
D. Set, Met, Leu, Gln, Cys

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