10 shots of vodka result?

Ok so i am 5’4 and 142 pounds an 18 year old girl. a question for those who will give me a real answer not a – well you shouldnt drink. so i have a hard head, so i can handle alcohol pretty well, i am polish, and i have had large amounts of alcohol in my body at one time….but i was eating a lot of food in between, my question- if i drink ten shots of vodka in a row what will be the short outcome like right away and what will be the long outcome? should i make sure to eat a lot before and after to have something in my stomach?

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  • Na zdrowie (You said Polish, right?)

    OK, ten shots in a row…

    You will not ease into your buzz. Short-term. It will hit you like a brick to the face. One second you’ll be fine and then another you’ll be wasted. Long term is that you will probably get sick and puke.

    Vodka is my drink of choice and I’ll drink a lot of it in my drinks. I like martinis and each martini will have at least four shots in it, but martinis are sipped and not chugged. Even though I can drink my fair share of vodka, 10 shots in a quick row will even get me loopy.

    Always have some food in your stomach when drinking. You don’t have to be stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey, but food with booze is a good thing.

  • 10 Shots Of Vodka

  • Are you talking about doing one right after the other? You will puke multiple times before the night is over and most likely wind up passed out. You aren’t a big girl, and even though at 18 you think you can hold your liquor, there is no way you are going to be able to do 10 consecutive shots without puking. That many shots is going to give you a blood alcohol content of about .28. If you feel like having a terrible hangover and suffering the embarrassment of puking and acting stupid in front of your friends, then go for it…but don’t say you weren’t warned.

  • short term, you will probably throw up, get the spins and pass out.

    Long term, you will more than likely have a pretty nasty hangover, especially if it’s cheap vodka. And yes, definitely eat before you take the shots. Something with bread like a burger will slow the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. With such a large quantity as 10 shots, I’m not sure it will do a lot, but it’s definitely better than nothing.

  • Short term you well buzz buzz buzz and long term you will start doing thing your don’t remember like smoking I’m your bed in your parents house where smoking is strictly prohibited and wake up buzzing

    Source(s): Did this last night except I’m seventeen and am 5’7 and weigh 128
  • great….sounds like u are one cool drinker.

    dont eat food…in between it will be worse.

    eat after some time…say 30 minutes…

    u can have some cheese or butter…before drinking..to mild the effect..

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