100% Mexican with red hair?

I am full mexican, i have traced my ancestry on both sides as far back as 1840 and everyone was mexican (originated from mid mexico), i am curious though as to why i am freckled and have red hair?

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  • You dummies, red hair does not come from genes in the usual way. You dont need red hair ancestry to have it. Its just a deficiency in the dark coloring of the hair that comes from some specific gene, which interestingly gets activated more often in places where people are less exposed to UV rays, like Ireland and Scotland, so that way they can produce more Vitamin D. Its a human acclimitazation tool.


    El Canelo, a 100% mexican boxer:


  • Mexican Red Hair

  • You’re a Criollo. Spaniards colonized Mexico don’t forget and other Europeans and white Near Easterners were immigrating to Mexico by the 19th century. So it’s either you have Criollo (Colonial) Spanish ancestry or some other white ancestry. Mexicans are not all Mestizos and Amerindians.

  • if u are so sure about your ancessors demographic after 1840, then u should some research on something before 1840, like the spanish colonial masters. by the way, why mexicans speak spanish instead of mayan? have any clue now?

  • You probably have European ancestry that nobody knows about. For example my dad looks full on Salvadoran (indigenous looking) but my paternal grandfather has European descent which is why I look like a white person. Sometimes the characteristics of your ancestors can skip generations to where you get their characteristics.

  • I have seen two brown Mexican parents with a ginger child…original Mexicans were Indians…a lot of mixing has occurred in Mexico…I know two other people, indigenous looking, who has a child that looks mostly white…kinda weird…their other kids are brown…

  • You know they do have European ancestry in them.

    answer mine thanks


  • It’s not rocket science dude…

  • You are a crack head.

    Mexicans are the native americans!

    Dillon Alexander: Do I look Mexican to you?

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