14. i obey the law more often if there’s a chance that i might get caught.

14. i obey the law more often if there's a chance that i might get caught.


there is a very good possibility that you will not get caught

The above statement is one of the observances of the law. Which one chose to obey the law if he made a mistake.

Further explanation

Humans are social creatures that live side by side with one another, therefore humans need laws to limit the pattern of excessive human action, thus harming the community or others.

If humans live without law, then the pattern or way of society will fall apart and cause chaos or conflict. And so do humans who live without the law will lose tolerance among humans. This is what happens when humans begin to set aside tolerance.

If people obey the law, there will be regularity, mutual respect for others. And tolerance in the community will be created and there will be a balance, where the pattern of life of one community will not harm the lifestyle of other communities.

Why does the state punish someone?

It must be because humans violate and disobey the law.

Legal compliance is compliance with the law, in this case, written law. Obedience or obedience is based on awareness.

There are three factors that cause people to obey the law:

Compliance, namely the expectation of a reward and an effort to avoid punishment that might arise if someone violates the provisions of the law. Identification, i.e. if compliance with the rule of law exists not because of its intrinsic value, but so that group membership is maintained and there is a good relationship with those who are given the authority to implement these legal norms. Internalization, i.e. if someone obeys the rules of the law because intrinsically that compliance has rewards.

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False if u REALLY obey the law
In an interview, this type of question should be answered with 'strongly disagree'.
This question is designed to measure your tendency to follow rules/regulations even without their monitoring/ supervision. If you agree with this statement, you would most likely be seen unfavorably by the potential employer.
Thats true if u do that then u will not be arrested by the police that is what i would do too
This is totally false‍♀️

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