2005 chevy classic maintenance ?

I have an 2005 chevrolet classic. I noticed when the driver door is open, the dome light dont turn on.  The other doors turn them on. They also come on when I unlock with my key fob. The driver door side is the only issue. What part do I need to replace to fix this issue? I seen conflicting answers saying its the door switch which may be built into the latch, or the door jam. It is not the fuse as the other doors activate the dome light. The manual does not help. 

3 Answers

  • if there is no door jam ᴮᵁᵀᵀon switch in the door opening on the drivers side the switch is in the latch assembly. Keep in mind if your headlights have a timer for when you get out of the car the door switch also triggers the headlights to turn off. You might end up leaving the headlights on all night and drain the battery because of the bad drivers door switch.

  • Yes, your interior lights are activated via the door latch, inside the door.

    It also could be a broken wire. Open the drivers door, and peel back insulating cover, near the hinges, where the wires are, and see if one or more are broken.

  • Fire the “parts cannon” and replace the door switch in the door jam.  No luck, you might have a bad wire or the new switch is broken.  Get a multimeter and check for continuity with the door open.

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