2006 Mercury Mountaineer AUX?

I know my moms Mountaineer has an AUX button, but where is the actually AUX port? She wants to plug in her iPod to play music. I know you can buy AUX cables, but whats the point in buying the cable if you don’t see the input jack/port? Does she have to buy a different part? If she does, could we figure out how to install it ourselves or do we have to take it somewhere?

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  • the AUX button on the radio is used for the DVD player that Ford installed as an option for the rear seat passengers. it does not work with mp3 players at all. I have to use an fm transmitter device to play my mp3 player in my Mountaineer. (tune to a unused radio station and play the mp3 player through that.

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  • it may be located in the rear of the receiver installed in your vehicle and designed to operate with factory installed equipment, it may not be a mini stereo jack, but could be two RCA inputs instead, go ask the parts guy at your local dealer, there is nothing in the owner’s manual that explains. Be sure to tell him which unit you have, he may have one handy that he will use to show you how to do it yourself.

    Chances are you will need the removal tool to actually pull out the deck and feed the cable from underneath so you can hide it so the mp3 player doesn’t get ripped if you accidentally leave it in the vehicle sometime, the smash and grab is alive and well

    good luck!

  • Well you could check a few places. if its a stocked headunit and you have a aux button on it then sure enough its not behind the head unit. It would be possibly in your center consle. There should be a power outlit there too.. So i think thats how it is but i normally work on older car systems. but i hope this helps

  • I have same problem

    My car Mountaineer and I can’t find the AUX port .

  • lights on dash board

  • it should be in the center console

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