2008 Suzuki burgman 650 no power please advise?

Hi, so I have a 2008 suzuki burgman and I’m selling it and when I went to clean it up I try starting it up battery was half gone, so I charge it up starts up right away, shut it off, try starting it up again in a few minutes, heard a noise (bang) under the seat it sounded like. Now theres no power to anything but the clock and under the seat light. I checked the fuses under the seat, Main and CVT. Also checked the fuses under the dash, ignition,signal,fan,lights-hi,lights-lo,fuel and all look good. What could this be ? I checked the battery, it’s at 12.5 V. I’ve read it could be the ignition? How can I check that? What do I look for ? Thank You

2 Answers

  • Have an auto parts store, motorcycle dealer, or battery store perform a load test on your battery, dude.

  • could be just a weak battery or loose connection at the battery. 85% of both scooter and motorcycle electrical problems stem from a bad battery or faulty connection at the battery. Little power sport batteries have a short life span. if you don’t keep a battery tender on them. Once they discharge a couple of time they likely need replacing. This is why most auto parts store offer a short warranty on them.

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