2010 Chevy Impala lt 3.5 flexfuel?

Is this  model a interference or not interference engine? I think the timing chain has been stretched. It has 153000 miles.

It’s giving me code P0011. I’ve change crank and camshaft sensor, solenoid, oil change. I’m not sure what else.

2 Answers

  • If it is actually out of time, it would be pinging on regular gas because the timing would be advanced too far to run on 87 octane

    If that’s not happening, i would ignore the code

    And it’s a non interference design

  • Timing chains on GM 6 cylinder motors have never had a stretch problem. If you’re having running problems with your motor start with reading all the engine data with a $3000 scan tool to make sure all the sensors are working with in spec.

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