2(x + y) = 2x + 2y is an example of which algebraic property?

Distributive Property

Associative Property of Addition

Commutative Property of Addition

Symmetric Property

8 Answers

  • Distributive Property..//

  • Distributive Property

  • Distributive Property Ans.

  • Distributive property

    The 2 was 'distributed' to the x and the y.

    Source(s): I took Algebra 2 Honors
  • Distributive Property

    u can see when 2 is multiplied by (x+y) it is DISTRIBUTED to x and y and becomes 2x+2y

    like this u will remember it easily

  • Unwell try and aid you out the first-class i will be able to !! Q1 x>5 Q2 y=4 Q3 -2 >= x >= four this autumn 4.2 Q5 x + y = zero Q6 m = -2 Q7 Inverse Q8 Commutative Property of Addition -> four+(2+three)=4+(3+2) Q9 2(x+3) Q10 x=10 Q11 subtract b squared from both sides of the equation and then take the square root of each side of the equation Q12 a descending line Q13 square root of x/y = 2 Q14 Q15 Q16 . Clear up the inequality showing all steps and Ive just guessed since maths isnt my favourtite area 🙂 You do desire a graph although for a few of your questions !!

  • distributive

  • distributive

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