30-06 vs 35 remington what is a better bear killer.?

I will be black bear hunting in canada this june and need a rifle. My dad wants me to get a 30-06 bolt action rifle. but i like the marlin 336 in 35 rem. My dad has been up there before and used a 338 win mag it went through both lungs and the bear went 10 yards and died. He also says the range is 50-100 yards so i think the marlin is very capable and if i need a follow up shot the lever is super fast

So what do you think i should use. keep in mind it is over bait.

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  • Either will do the job. Hunting over bait you probably won’t face any really long shots which would favor the .30-’06. The .30-’06 will definitely hit harder and the higher sectional density of the .308″ diameter bullet means it will ᴘᴇɴᴇтʀᴀтe better, but at 50 to 100 yards both rifles will probably shoot through a bear unless it’s really large.

    Use the gun that you have more confidence with, and be comfortable that either choice is enough gun for black bear under those conditions. If you are careful and accurate with your first shot, a second shot over bait shouldn’t be an issue. The .338 Win Mag is definitely overkill for a 100 yard shot on an even a large black bear.

  • 30-30 Vs 35 Remington

  • 35 Remington Vs 30-30

  • The .35 Rem. is an effective ‘brush gun’, but it’s not as popular

    and versatile a cartridge, and far less powerful.

    (35 R.- 200 gr @ 1700FPS vs. ’06’- 220 gr. @ 2100FPS)

    The extra punch, more readily available ammo and wider choice of loads

    argues strongly for the ’06’.

    The flatter trajectory of the ’06’, (I’d go with the 180 Gr. @ ~2400FPS),

    will allow for more precise shot placement even under 100 Yd.s

  • well the 30-06 is way better bear killer

    but if you are set on a lever gun try a 45-70

  • can’t go wrong with a 30-06

  • .30-06.

  • Either will will work in that case.

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