3OH!3 song.. don’t know the name?

one of the lyrics is “short skirts, daisy dukes, that’s the way they all come through like *cat whistle* ” i don’t know the name of it.. help?

9 Answers

  • Pretty sure it’s the best song right now!!!!!!! I’m obsessed I saw them in concert and they were amazing!

  • I think short dresses, coz you show off more thighs, but really no matter both goes great

  • I think long skirts are great, you’re covered up with no restrictions of slacks.

  • Starstrukk its on their album Want

  • lol Starstruck I love that song XD

  • starstrukk.

    that song’s hilarious. my friends ringtone is that song and it went off in the middle of her math class. PRICELESS!

  • starstrukk

  • starstrukk

  • starstrukk !

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