45lc vs .45 acp Stoping power and recoil revolver?

how is the recoil in a revolver .45 long colt vs .45 acp

more stoping power

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  • 45 ACP was designed to come close to duplicating standard military black powder loads in 45 Colt. Stopping power can be expected to be about the same, though every shooting is an individual event. You can, of course, load 45 Colt in something like a Ruger Blackhawk to considerably higher levels with heavier bullets for shooting 4-legged critters.

    And speaking of single-action revolvers, there’s no comparing felt recoil of those with felt recoil of self-loading pistols. The roll you get from the former is just different from the more in-line push of the latter.

  • John De witt is 100% right on all counts, especially the felt recoil aspect when comparing revolvers to semi’s.

    I own two Ruger 45 Convertibles. A Ruger New Model, and a Lipsey’s Flattop. Both guns have 2 cylinders, one for 45ACP, the other for 45 Colt. The Lipseys is a small frame, which means “Ruger Only” handloads are out.

    I cast my own bullets and handload, I have a 225gr Lyman mould that mimics the military hardball profile.

    (Lyman 452374)

    I loaded this bullet in 45 acp @ 800fps and I loaded it in 45 Colt @ 800fps.

    I fired 6 of each using the acp and colt cylinder in the New Model Blackhawk.

    Guess which one had more felt recoil.

    The acp did. I think it has to do with the smaller case capacity and slightly higher operating pressure more than anything else. There are acceleration curves that also come into play, but the main characters are case capacity and pressure.

    If you compare stopping power, using what are now common factory loads of Hardball FMJ for the acp, and a 255gr LSWC for the 45Colt, even though the 45C has less velocity, it has more mass, and in a LSWC where you have that large meplat working for you, I believe it would do more damage than a 2R profile military hardball fired from a 1911.

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    45lc vs .45 acp Stoping power and recoil revolver?

    how is the recoil in a revolver .45 long colt vs .45 acp

    more stoping power

  • Could you translate that into English? What are you asking?

    I understand the part about recoil (the answer is that they’re pretty comparable, but it depends upon the gun you’re shooting), but “more stoping power [sic]” is not even a question.

    Are you asking which has more stopping power? The answer is “neither.” Why? Because “stopping power” is a made-up term that has been floated by so-called “experts” to try and standardize something that cannot be standardized- namely, the effects of a bullet on a human body. Why can’t that be standardized? Because every shooting incident is different.

    Neither .45 Colt (not “long colt,” which is only a nickname) nor .45 ACP would leave you undergunned in a self defense situation. Even with Cowboy Action loads for a .45 Colt, you could still easily put someone down if you put the shot in the right spot.

    Of course, there are very few double action .45 Colt revolvers out there, so the .45 ACP in either a revolver or a semi-auto would be preferable for self defense.

  • 45 Long Colt Vs 45 Acp

  • They both use a .452 bullet. They can be loaded to the same velocity. If you have two identical bullets, at the same velocity, then the terminal energy at the target, (not stopping power), is going to be the same.

    However; The .45 Colt can be loaded to much higher pressures, and velocities, than the .45acp. This will result in more terminal energy on the target, given the same bullet.

    Recoil is the simple Newtonian law of, “For every action there is an equal, but opposite, reaction”

    Given this law, if you push two identical bullets out of the same firearm, at the same velocities, the recoil will be the same. If you upload the .45Colt to it’s potential, and push the same bullet at a much higher velocity, then the recoil is going to be greater.

    Now all of this can easily be confused with the introduction of the .460 Rowland. 🙂

  • The LC will have more recoil. But both will have recoil because revolvers always have more. As for stopping power, if your shooting at humans both will put a nice size hole in ya. A shot to the chest from either will stop a man dead in his tracks.

  • the long colt has more stopping power and recoil, but the .45acp is more than enough for stopping anyone.

  • Don’t listen to them ^^^ they are lying out their teeth to you..They both have the same stopping power

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