5 lifted cars we’d love to see

When thinking about how you could modify your car, jacking it up a few feet with massive dirt capable wheels and tyres is usually low on the priorities list. But, because lifting a standard road car makes it more than uber cool, we sought out some of the coolest lifted concepts that we could find.

Step forward designer Mo Aoun, who’s responsible for the reworking of an array of standard cars to a whole new level (sorry, not sorry) in render form. During our email exchange, Mo confirmed that his dream of automotive design stems from his childhood, and he now spends a lot of his time creating these mega concepts.

Here are five of the best of Mo’s lifted car concepts.:

The Lykan Hypersport beast of the desert

Take one 780 horsepower, 245mph hypercar and lift it towards the sky and you get this desert capable beast of a car. No word on if that that RUF developed flat-six motor will still reach maximum velocity on sand, but it would still be the quickest way to get across the desert.

Volkswagen Golf Safari

If you thought the Golf was only urban capable then think again, as the ‘Safari’ version boasts massive all-terrain tyres and enough ground clearance to jump most things. It also appears to be deep water capable thanks to that snorkel, meaning that come flooding, or inhospitable terrain, this is one unstoppable VW.

Rolls Royce Ghost Luxury 4×4

Rolls Royce will unleash the small office block that is the Cullinan SUV within a few short days, but in the meantime here’s the car they should have built: a fully lifted Ghost sporting an array of ‘go-anywhere’ accessories that looks so much better in every way.

Mercedes-AMG GT R

Usually seen ferrying wealthy owners to high end shopping malls, the growling V8 powered AMG GT-R has been vastly improved with a mild lift kit, massive off-road wheels and tyres and a full complement of bull bars and roll cage, meaning you can literally go where there are no roads in this three-pointed star.

Alfa Romeo 4C

The 4C has taken some flak in recent years for not having the driving ability to back up those looks. With this fully lifted version though, all is forgiven so long as you enter it in the Dakar Rally, because we all know that an Alfa will have no problem covering some of the harshest terrain on earth.

More of Mo Aoun’s amazing work can be found here.

Which of these lifted cars would you like to see become a reality? Or is there another car that needs to be lifted? Let us know in the comments below.

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