5 SIMPLE uses of solenoids in everyday life?

Examples with brief descriptions, ie doorbell, door magnets, roller coaster acceleration/deceleration. (I need examples other than these) and how the solenoid is critical to it’s function.

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  • Pinch

    In medical equipment, tubes carrying body fluids must have accurately controlled flow regulation. In this example, a Linear solenoid is utilized for its variable positioning capability to smoothly pinch the tube to the operator’s precise demand. Using a solenoid in this manner eliminates valves and other connecting apparatus which pose a threat for contamination or leakage.


    Gate diverters, depending on the application, can be used continuously or very infrequently. In this example, a Rotary Solenoid is chosen for its 100+ million actuation life rating

    Exceptional Force or Torque

    A linear solenoid can provide up to 30 pounds of force from a unit less than 2-1/4 inches long. A rotary solenoid can provide well over 100 lb-in of torque from a unit also less than 2-1/4 inches long.

    Variable Positioning

    Soft Shift® solenoids for linear solenoid applications and BTA® Brushless Torque Actuators for rotary solenoid applications provide variable positioning capabilities.

    High Speed

    Solenoids can be actuated in milliseconds, or can be velocity controlled to provide smooth, noiseless actuation.

    Minimum Size

    Need low profile? Minimum volume? Small frontal area? Solenoids can pack more work per cubic inch than motors.

    Simplified Control

    Being a pulsed device with minimal components optimizes solenoids for digital control. This results in faster cycling and higher reliability with fewer interfaces.

    Uncompromising Reliability

    Solenoids provide repeatable, predictable performance with a specified life of up to 100 million cycles.


    Solenoid snap-acting response and electric operation are beneficial for part rejection processes in which electronic interfacing with a photosensor or some other sensor is required


    Low cost, compact size, reliability, and long life are all reasons for the growing demand for solenoids in a wide variety of locking applications from vault doors, cash registers, disk drives and missile systems.


    Positioning applications can range from a simple ratcheting device, such as this, to precise variable positioning using linear Soft Shift® solenoids or rotary BTA® solenoids.


    Common Rotary Solenoid Applications:


    Circuit breakers

    IC insertion machines


    Textile machinery

    Automatic tellers

    Film processors

    Machine tools

    Pinch rollers


    Ticket machines



    Common Linear Solenoid Applications:

    Vending machines



    Door locks



    Coin changers

    Film processors

    Disk drive locks

    Electronic typewriters





    The uses for solenoids in industry are extensive. Anywhere that electrical power is required to achieve a small movement becomes an application for a solenoid. The range of standard and modified standard solenoids from The Solenoid Company will satisfy most of these, … linear, latching, bistable or rotary. From miniature devices to operate tiny locks up to the largest RM140 developing over 1000 Newtons of force, suit your application.

    • Locking Laser shutters

    • Cutting Ticketing machines

    • Clamping Card readers

    • Punching Process machines

    • Positioning Valve operation

    • Diverting Vending machines

    • Holding Power distribution

    • Rotating Office machines

    • Linear Domestic appliances

    • Rotary Turnstyles

    • Bistable Car park access

    • Latching Building services


  • A relay uses a solenoid to open and close a switch. Most home heating systems have a thermostat that uses a temperature change operates a low-power switch. That switch controls a relay that controls the heating system. Automobiles use relays to turn heavy loads on and off using a light-duty switch. The starter and the headlights are controlled by relays. Relays are also used to control complicated sequences and things that are partly electronically controlled. Automobiles often have a number of relays used that way.

    A solenoid valve uses a solenoid to open and close a valve electrically. Solenoid valves control the water in dishwashers, laundry washers, refrigerator ice makers and water dispensers. A solenoid valve controls the flow of gas in a furnace.

    In apartment buildings a solenoid is used to operate a door lock in places where a tenant can press a button in their apartment to let someone come in the main entrance. Motel room locks that have a key card use a solenoid to unlock the door when the card is inserted. Automobile door locks and trunk latches work the same way.

  • What Are Solenoids Used For

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    5 SIMPLE uses of solenoids in everyday life?

    Examples with brief descriptions, ie doorbell, door magnets, roller coaster acceleration/deceleration. (I need examples other than these) and how the solenoid is critical to it’s function.

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