6 year olds are typically in what grade?

20 Answers

  • id say 1st grade probably

    4-5 preschool


    6-7 first grade

    7-8 second grade

    8-9 third grade

    9-10 fourth grade

    10-11 fifth grade

    11-12 sixth grade

    12-13 seventh grade

    13-14 eighth grade

    14-15 ninth grade

    15-16 tenth grade

    16-17 eleventh grade

    17-18 twelfth grade

    18-22 college

  • I am grade five now in 2014 by the way. And my brain is a brain of a 8 or 9 grader. ( Don’t count my maths in, they suck alot.) I can also be mentally 18 or 19 btw, only if needed.

  • A child usually turns 6 during kindergarten, and then is also 6 for some of 1st grade.

  • Kindergarten or 1st grade. My sisters birthday fell in August which is only 1 month before school starts so she went to pre-k and then was 6 in kindergarten. Typically though, children start K when they are 5 and 1st when they are 6.

  • My 6 year old twins just ended kindergarten. They will be 7 in November and they will be in the first grade. My 7 year old will be in second grade and will turn 8 in November. Hope this helps.

  • Six year olds are typically at the end of Kindergarten/beginning of first grade.

  • First.

  • if they just turn 6 they could be still in kindergarden. but most 6 year old are in first grade

  • Grade One. Or begining of Grade two.

  • here in UK 6 year olds are in year 1 or 2, depending on their birthday, I was in year 2 (year you do first SATS test) when I was 6 as m birthday is in august which made me the youngest in the year 😛


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