75 cl E … what does the e stand for ?

7 Answers

  • European standard measurement ! ! !

  • an ‘e’ by a weight or measure usually inplies a net weight/measure ie one in which the weight of the packaging or dimensions of the vessel are not used to calculate the figure. So a 10g chocolate in a steel box will still be described as weighing 10g ‘e’ just as on ewrapped in paper would – or the wine bottle, however large, will still only hold 75cl ‘e’.

  • 75 centi-liters = 3/4 liter. and the E means the measurement is up to Eurpoean standards

  • The ‘e’ on any peice of packaging means that the weight or quantity is not exact. This complies with European standards, so it basically means that you cannot meanuse the quantity of water in the bottle and demand compensation if it is not exactly 75cl.

  • It denotes that the measurement complies with European Standards, which are based on SI units. Hope this helps.

  • Probably European Standard

  • Estimated.

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