8)which of the following policies represents current american foreign policy?

8)which of the following policies represents current american foreign policy? a)isolationism b)nation building c)containment d)international cooperation


I believe the answer is: International cooperation

International cooperation refers to the foreign policy that make a country open to mutually beneficial relationship to address a certain issue with other countries. Example of such cooperation would be united Nation's program to address pollution level in the world.

D)international cooperation


Throughout the twentieth century, the government of the United States has often provided, and continues to provide, financial assistance, weapons and technical support to numerous authoritarian anti-left regimes throughout the world. A variety of reasons have been provided to justify the apparent contradictions between support for dictators and the democratic ideals expressed in the US Constitution.

Foreign policy is also characterized by great international cooperation in many areas, such as scientific research and assistance in various issues related to poverty, and peacekeeping.

international cooperation.

The current foreign policy of the United States is better described as one of international cooperation. The United States participates in the United Nations, and several UN organizations, such as UNESCO. The US share of total funds required for the upkeep of the UN is about 25% of the total, more than that of any other nation. The US also participates in more that 70 intergovernmental organizations, such as the IMF, OECD and the Asian Development Bank. The US is also an important member of NATO, an international military alliance.

International cooperation


International cooperation represents current American foreign policy.


This last one  is right, hes right

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