A. 0% B. 25% C. 50% D 75%

A. 0% B. 25% C. 50% D 75%


A. 0%


None of the offspring are predicted to be YY (homozygous dominant)



The definition of homozygous dominant means:

Homozygous: both alleles have to be identical

Dominant: the gene that overrides the recessive gene, indicated by a capital letter when using a Punnet Square.

Thus, we are looking for both completely identical dominant gene, and as you can see, it does not appear in the Punnet Square. The only identical gene would be the two homozygous recessive alleles, but none of which have capital letters (none are dominant); henceforth, 0% of the offspring are predicted to be homozygous dominant.

The correct answer would be b. carbon dioxide (6 co2) + water (6 h2o) > glucose (c6h12o6/ sugar) + oxygen gas (6 o2)

it is a learned trait


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