a 120V general purpose circuit should have circuit breakers or fuses with values of?

15A or 20A




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  • Lots of funny answers. The correct one is 15A or 20A.

  • Most are 15a, but some are at 20a, like some dryers take more to energy.

    But standard wiring is for 15a.

    If you put in a 20a, you must make sure that the wire in the circuit will handle the extra amperage rating.

    This I don't know. It should be close to the same, but it could present a fire hazard if not correct.

  • Most wiring is 15 amp #14 wire. Larger wiring with larger breaker size need the appropriate different outlet. That is any circuit over 15 amps needs an outlet physically designed for that current capacity. This is obvious for stoves dryers and special motors but not so obvious for most 20 amp circuits. Take care.

  • The size of the fuse or circuit breaker is determinded by the ampacity of the wire.

    You need to referance a electricians guide book or how to book at your library.

    For example: 15A is a 14gauge wire, 20A is a 12 gauge wire, the last three are cables.

  • I would use no less than a 20 amp..15 amps are trash..and alot of appliances and window ac's microwaves etc use 11 to 14 amps..so anything else attached on the same circuit will blow the 15 amp breakers...

  • 14/2 wiring, max 15 amps, 12/2 20 amps. No more than 10 outlets/ lamps per breaker, to be safe.Code may vary as per location, but that is a general rule.

  • 15 to 20 amp for lighting

    20 amp for small appl. in kitchen, microwe,work shop, etc

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  • A GP is 20A

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