A bank statement provided by the bank includes:

A bank statement provided by the bank includes: Multiple Choice A list of outstanding checks A list of petty cash amounts. Th
statement account that is used to record cash overages and cash shortages arising from petty cash transactions on change is t
The Cash Over and Short account Multiple Choice ls used when the cash account reports a credit balance. Is used to record the
Basic bank services do not include Multiple Choice Bank accounts. Bank deposits. Checking Electronic funds transfer < Prev 14
ltu Cileeks that... Outstanding checks refer to checks that have been: Multiple Choice Written, recorded, sent to payees, and


1) the beginning and the ending balance of the depositors
2) cash over and short
3) is used to record the income effects of errors in making
change and /or processing petty cash transactions
4) All of these
5) petty cash management
6) written ,recorded on the company books ,sent to the payee,but
not yet paid by the bank

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