A baseball player slides into third base with an initial speed of 4.4m/s?

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If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the player and the ground is 0.48, how far does the player slide before coming to rest?

  • Fornoob Team’s answer

    you will need to combine two equations

    the first is

    vf^2 = v0^2 + 2 a d

    vf = final velocity = 0

    v0=initial velocity = 4.4 m/s

    a = accel which we will have to find

    d = distance which is the ultimate answer we want

    we need to find the acceleration, which we obtain from

    net force on the player = m a

    in this case, the force is due to friction which is given by f = u m g where u is the coeff of friction

    so since F = m a = u m g we have that a = u g

    find the value of a from a = 0.48*9.8m/s/s

    substitute this into the first equation and solve for d

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