A biotechnology researcher might work on what?

A biotechnology researcher might work on what?

1. Creating biofuels 2. Designing new hospital beds 3. Testing blood for disease 4. Using MRI machines


A biotechnology researcher might work on creating biofuels (First option).


A biotechnology researcher, or biotechnologist, has the ability and tools to use organic matter and living beings for the manufacture of products, applying the technology.

A biotechnologist can work in the agricultural industry, pharmaceuticals, or developing products for environmental protection, such as biofuels.

Biotechnology is a science applied to the manufacture of new and sustainable products, through molecular and biochemical research of organic material, plants and animals, for this purpose.

The other options are not correct because:

    2. The design new hospital beds depends on hospital engineering.

    3. Testing blood for diseases are performed by a bioanalyst or laboratory technician.

    4. Using MRI machines is performed by a radiologist or radiology technician.

A: Creating Biofuels.


unicellular organisms, like bacteria, are able to perform all life functions within one single cell. multicellular organisms need many different types of cells to carry out the same life processes. each of these special types of cells has a different structure that it perform a specific function.

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