A gas sample is heated from -20 degrees C to 57.0 degrees C and the volume is increased from 2.00 L to 4.50 L.?

If the initial pressure is 0.110 atm, what is the final pressure?

2 Answers

  • 0.064


    P1 = 0.110atm

    V1 = 2 liters

    T1 = (-20 + 273)K

    P2 = X

    V2 = 4.5 liters

    T2 = (57 + 273)K

    we know that

    P1.V1/T1 = P2.V2/T2 therefore

    to get P2 we say

    P2 = P1.V1.T2/T1.V2

    Thus we get

    P2 = 0.11atm X 2LX330K/253KX4.5L

    P2 = 72.6/1138.5 atm

    P2 = 0.063768atm

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