A good birthday wish in Farsi?

my friends bday is tomorrow and I would like to write her a bday greeting in Farsi (shes Persian) Can you suggest a happy birthday wish is Farsi?

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  • You can wrire “barat behtarin arezooharo daram.”(برات بهترین آرزوها را دارم.) or “barat behtarinharo arezoo mikonam.”(برات بهترینها را آرزو میکنم) which mean “wish you the best!” And for “many happy returns” you could say”sad sal be in salha”(صد سال به این سالها) or “ishalla tavalode sad salegit”(ایشالا تولد صد سالگیت).The second one(ishalla tavalode sad salegit) is better in case of bdays,but in general I suggest you to use that”barat behtarinharo arezoo mikonam” as it`s nicer.

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    تولدت مبارک happy birthdayy تولدت مبارک عزیزم happy birthday darling صد سال زنده باشی (may you)live to be a hundred

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  • happy and whis you all the best

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