A mother pushes a baby stroller 10 meters by applying 40 newtons of force. How much work was done?

I would appreciate it!

5 Answers

  • A lot more than Q = FS = 40*10 = 400 Joules. Why? Because she also has to change the diapers…ar ar ar.

    BTW Q = FS cos(theta) is the so-called work function. It’s important to learn the work physics; you’ll see it over and over in science/physics class. Theta is the angle between the force vector F and the distance vector S. In your problem we assume theta = 0, the two vectors were assumed aligned.

  • If the distance covered by the stroller is in the direction of the force then, work done is 10m x 40N

    i.e 400J

  • work done is force * displacement

    = 40*10 = 400 Nm or J [ newton metre or joule ]

  • work=force x distance

    So work= 40N x 10m = 400n/m or 400 joules

    Work= 400 joules

  • Work = force x distance.

    40N x 10M = 400NM or 400 Joules.

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