A private college report contains these statistics:

A private college report contains these statistics:

70% of incoming freshmen attended public schools.

75% of public school students who enroll as freshmen eventually graduate

90% of other freshmen eventually graduate.

A.) Is there any evidence that a freshman’s chances to graduate may depend upon what kind of high school the student attended? Explain.

B.) What percent of freshman eventually graduate?

2 Answers

  • A.) Yes, If they attended a public school they are less likely to graduate than if they didn't. 75% is significantly lower than 90%.

    B.) 70% of freshmen have a 75% chance of graduating

      And 30% of freshmen have a 90% chance of graduating

    .75(.70) + .90(.30) = .795 or 79.5% of all freshmen eventually graduate.

  • A) i'm not sure 🙁 it's worded quite weird.

    B) 25/100 = 0.25x10=2.5

    Therefore 97.5% eventually graduate.

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