a rigid tank whose volume is unknown is divided into two parts by a partition. THERMODYNAMICS HELP!!!!?

One side of the tank contains an ideal gas at 927 degrees Celsius. The other side is evacuated and has a volume twice the size of the part containing the gas. The partitions is now removed and the gas expands to fill the entire tank. Heat is now applied to the gas until the pressure equals the initial pressure. Determine the final temperature of the gas. Please help i dont know what to do at all=/

2 Answers

  • Ti = 927 deg. C = 1200 K Vf = 3*Vi Pi = P Pf = P Using gas ideal equation, PiVi/Ti = PfVf/Tf, Pi = Pf Vf/Ti = Vf/Tf Tf = Ti*(Vf/Vi) Tf = 1200*(3)

    Tf =3600 K = 3327 deg. C

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