A work package must always represent less than 80 hours of work.

IT Project Management: 1. A work package should always represent less than 80 hours of work. true or false 2. Many organizations provide guidelines and templates for developing WBSs. true or false 3. A(n) ____________________ project scope statement is an important document for developing and confirming a common understanding of the project scope. 4. In the ____, you use a similar project’s WBS as a starting point. a. top-down approach b. bottom-up approach c. mind-mapping approach d. analogy approach 5. A(n) ____________________ is a task at the lowest level of the WBS.


1).False According to rule ,It should be less than 8 hours and greater than 80 hours. 2).True guidelines and templates to evolve a WBS were more unique to proceed. 3).Preliminary It is employed for evolve and assure a common understanding and assist to form a starting point at the time of project beginning hence the entire project is capable to begin unique discussions associated for the scope of project. 4).Analogy Approach It is one of the approach which assist too much when there is a same projects as a beginning point. 5).Work package

A task at lowest level of the WBS to that price and time capable to determine and handle.

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