About AP exams Help me?

I’m taking AP psych, but I don’t want to take the exam this may. 

Do colleges have something against me taking AP classes but not taking AP exams?

I’m getting good grades on AP psych. 

And I’m also taking two other AP classes 

4 Answers

  • You do not have to take the AP exams. 

    AP exam scores are for POSSIBLE college credit only. They do not figure into your application. Colleges do look favorably at a student who has challenged themselves by taking AP classes. Your grade in your AP classes will matter to colleges. AP classes will help you better prepare for university level work.  

    Not taking an AP exam will not affect your college application. 

  • Why would you not want to take the exam and miss out on having this recognized by a college? If you are getting good grades, then it would be stupid to pass on the exam and have all that work be for nothing.

  • Point of taking AP class is to take AP exam. You should know this.

  • There is no requirement at all to take the AP exam. You simply won’t get college credit for your AP class.

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