ABOUT how much is scooter/moped insurance cost?

if it is 150cc? i will be 16 when i get it.

any good brands to look for?


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  • I pay about $120/year for a 125cc scooter (full comprehensive insurance) in chicago. Would be less for liability only, but scooters are easy to steal.

  • I’m with progressive. I pay $70 a year on a 125 cc 2003 scooter. That’s with a point on my licence and first time rider, but I had a drivers licence for over 10 years and I did Motorcycle safety school here in Ohio which saved me some $$ to. It was only $20 and worth it. It was a better quote than Gecko but check around.

  • Depends on your driving record, where you live and the size of the scooter. The best brand out there dollar for dollar right now is Kymco the only thing rated higher is Piaggio and Vespa, Kymco’s out rate the Japanese scooters. They have a two year warranty and they are NOT made in china. Many styles and sizes to look at.


    I use Progressive Insurance they were better for me than the others. The company’s attitude towards bikers varies also depending on where you live.

  • Allstate- $70 a year for myself or my husband. 2003 piaggio bv200. Im in my 50’s.

  • buy mcn (MotorCycle News), look in the insurance section. start with the free numbers (0800) and move onto the paid numbers (0845 and local numbers starting with “01”.)

    Don’t ring the 0800 number from a mobile as it costs then.

    Good luck!

  • Progressive has a good program. You should be plated also and take a driving course if you are driving on the road.

  • Not completely sure about this one

  • I was wondering much the same thing

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