“Activate Windows” Won’t Go Away?

I bought this new PC a couple of weeks ago, and the entire time there’s been this https://i.gyazo.com/e57078b8d2254ecd0061ca230c0929… in the bottom right corn no matter what i’m doing. I’v read things that say I need to buy a new OS, but shouldn’t it have come already installed???

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  • buy a windows key then idiot

  • uh oh

  • Hello,

    This is a fairly common issue with new computers sadly. Sometimes the copy of Windows will not be activated when the PC is going through its quality checks. Normally you do not need to purchase anything additional and only need to run the activation wizard on the machine (I have included a link below to help you through this process). If for any reason the activation does not resolve your issue I would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer of the machine to get a new product key. I hope this helps!

    Activation in Windows 10:


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  • Some PC’s have a Windows key on a label on the PC, usually the bottom. If so you can wipe off the hard drive and reinstall windows with that key.

  • Might be it is pirated one. Purchase new O.S

  • You didn’t indicate if this computer is new or purchased from a private party. If new, then you must activate Windows 10. If this computer is used and purchased privately, then the copy of Windows may be pirated and likely can’t be activated without a license.

  • Itis very deactivating to me

  • There is a tag it looks like this it has a scratch off section on some open setting update and security scratch the tag if it has a scratch off

    And enter the number! If it still won’t go away after you enter it or it’s not provided .

    Return the unit!

  • You either have not activated your windows yet OR you have a pirate copy or Windows. If you bought your computer from a legitimate source then you don’t have to worry about the software being stolen pirate windows.

    You didn’t state what version of WIndows you have. But I assume it’s Win 10 since it’s a new computer. So click the Cortana search, type in the word ACTIVATION then click the ACTIVATION link and take a look at what it says. If it has an activate link, then click it to activate. (or another way is click start, click settings, click update and security, click activation)

    If you bought your computer from a shady person, then you have a pirate copy of Windows and you will need to either take the computer back to that person OR buy a legal copy of Windows.

  • No it does not come always already installed. When you first use it you are expected to activate it. Click on settings and then type in activation in the search box.

    A menu will come up that allows you to check for activation and to activate if needed.’

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