Actual lyrics to Silencium by John Harle please (theme to ‘Silent Witness’)?

In answer to my original question, M.E. very kindly gave me the English words to the above, but they do not seem to match the words that are actually sung, and I suspect that this is because some or all of it is sung in something like Latin. Can someone give me the lyrics as they are actually sung on the track please? Many thanks.

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  • Sous le dome epais

    Ou le blanc jasmin

    A la rose s�assemble,

    Sur la rive en fleurs,

    Riant au matin,

    Viens, descendons ensemble.

    Doucement glissons;

    De son flot charmant

    Suivons le courant

    Fuyant; Dans

    L�onde fremissante.

    D�une main nonchalante,

    Viens, ɡɑɡnons le bord

    Ou la souree dort.

    Et l�oiseau,

    L�oiseau chante.

    Sous le dome epais,

    Sous le blanc jasmin,

    Ah! descendons ensemble!

  • Silencium By John Harle

  • "Christian Themes" is somewhat vague. I am a Christian, one of Jehovah’s Wintesses. There are several songs by Vic Mignogna that I rather enjoy, a man who describes himself, and his music, as "Christian". That said, MANY "mainstream" and/or "secular" songs have, or can be viewed as having, "Christian" themes. It REALLY is up to an individuals conscience, which hopefully is molded to fit Bible principles. I rather enjoy, though largely for irony, the song "No hiding place" but that’s a B5 joke not everyone will get, sorry I’ve often enjoyed, Thy Lord is My Shepphard. Silent Night always/almost always makes my mother tear up, she also is a Witness. There is a somewhat angry/bitter song out now more/less ranting at God. While that of course is horrid, it’s something that, if you’ve lost someone, is something Many of us have felt on some level. EdiT You mention DC talk, humorously enough, Vic Mignogna did some of the arrangements, and I think helped produce, DC talk’s first demo/album.

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    I WAS a baptized jw from 1981 until last November. I hope I qualify because I know lots about this topic. You have it just about pegged. jw’s are not allowed to listen to any sort of religious, patriotic, nationalistic, or any kind of music that their governing body frowns upon. Basically they are exhorted to listen to their own kingdom melodies and not much else because all other music sources are of SATAN according to the wizards at watchtower. If they are "CAUGHT" listening to anything proscribed they can face counsel by the elders and up to and including punishment by shunning even by close family. I remember once this young brother of about 15 years put up a poster of some 1970’s rock band and the elders heard about it. They TOLD the parents that they had to keep the congregation clean and that he had to not only take down the poster but burn it as they all prayed to and chanted the name JEEHOOVER. The kid asked the elders what he would be allowed to place on his wall, perhaps a poster of the pius governing body of JEEHOOVERS witnesses? His mom slapped him for ridiculing the elders and they chastised her in front of her husband for not allowing dad to decide who should slap him. The poster came down and the boy grew to hate the organization of satanic rules more every day. He left home when he turned 18 and joined the US Navy. He served for twenty years and reached the pay grade of commander. He is happily married to a lovely woman, has two kids who are now also in the navy. Considering the awful childhood he had he is well adjusted. His THEN brain dead parents? They turned "apostate" from the jw cult and are doing well serving the Lord Jesus with their son and his family. I live three doors down from them and they helped me to see the light and escape the Dark Tower ruled by Satan. Thanks to the Loving Lord Jesus I can see now to help others to leave. I can’t wait for the active and uber-defensive jw’s to fire their lies at my response and try to discredit me.

  • The song is called Silencium and is from Silencium Suite (1998; two sopranos, saxophone, orchestra) by John Harle.

    The Lyrics provided are those for the Flower Duet from the Opera Lakmé, it is also popularly known in the UK as the BA theme song.

    I think this might help…

    Testator Silens

    Costestes e spiritu


    Angeli Silens

    Costestes e spiritu


    The first three lines are what you hear at the start of the tv programme Silent witness.

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