Advice for growing and making my own mint tea?

I bought a sweet mint plant at Walmart a few days ago. I’ve planted it in a larger pot about 9″ in diameter and 5.25″ high I have a few questions about both the plant itself and making the tea:

1 How quickly does sweet mint grow? I don’t want to accidentally pluck off too many leaves and kill it because I was too eager.

2 Is sweet mint a seasonal plant or year round? Can this just be an indoor plant as long as it gets enough sunlight?

3 It says the plant can grow anywhere between 12 and 24 inches high. Should I keep it within that size? I’m not sure what size it would be healthiest at in a pot this size.

4 Are there any bugs I should worry about eating it? What’s a good way to protect it?

5 Should I give it a pole or something to grow around?

6 The tag says that I should water it regularly. Should I give it like a cup of water every other day if there’s no rain, or should I just check to see if the soil feels dry?

7 How long will sweet mint live for?

8 Should I have to think of repotting the plant at some point? Would it be fine if I just left it in the same pot forever and just kept cutting it back when it gets too large for the pot?

9 Is there something I can use to make it healthier?

1 Can anyone give me an idea of how many leaves to add per cup? Like perhaps a number insted of a handful?

2 Would drying my mint leaves after I pick them make them more potent?

3 If I am going to dry them, should I pick them and leave them out to dry for a few days, or should I bake them?

1 Answer

  • Mint can grow very quickly, and as long as you don’t remove more than half the leaves at any given time it should be fine. Mint is pretty hard to kill. I’d put it in a larger pot to give it room to spread, which it will if given a chance. It isn’t going to do as well indoors as it would outdoors unless you use artificial light and lots of it. It doesn’t need full sun outdoors, but indoor light just doesn’t compare and mint is basically an outdoor plant. It’s a seasonal plant where I live, dying down after first frost and starting to grow again in spring. I don’t know what it does in warmer climates but most plants have a season, in any climate.

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