Advice on relocating from England to Spain?

My partner and I want to move permanently to Spain. This is not something we have decided overnight. We do not speak Spanish yet but we will learn. We would like to get advice on how to find work for English people when we go out there. Googling for jobs is not giving us very good information. Our jobs in the UK are prison officers. My current idea for work in Spain is to become a carer for the elderly. We’d really appreciate any advice people can give for relocations, renting a home and finding work.

Thank you.

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  • Too late. After Brexit everything has changed. 

  • First get a good handle on all the legal bits, especially as Brexit is looming very soon. No more easy re-location to or from Europe! One thing to think about is pensions.

    I imagine also that Covid-19 is having its effect on the jobs market, as it is here in the UK.

    Good luck in your move.

  • Unless you move before the end of 2020, you’ll need a visa (due to Brexit). 

    As you don’t currently speak Spanish; this won’t be an option. 

    Unless/until you’re fluent in Spanish, you won’t get a visa there, or the majority of jobs; as (perhaps unsurprisingly) people there mostly speak Spanish. 

  • You can’t just move there anymore since the UK left the EU. How did you vote on Brexit? You will have to look at the immigration regulations on the consulate site for Spain. There was a tv show a while ago on Netflix about people in the UK going to places like France and Spain to start businesses- which was easier when the UK was part of the EU. But what I do know is that there are many places in Spain that cater to the British tourists- hotels and restaurants, mostly. They need people who speak English. That would be your best bet- when people in the UK can travel again. 

  • Brexit makes it a lot harder. You need to learn Spanish to get anything other than a menial job.

  • wow, moving from england to spain and not knowing spanish while having decent jobs in england and wanting to move to a country that has among the top ten highest covid cases, u people are really in lala land and dont realize the stupid mistake u are about to make.

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