All the Lyrics to How dry I am?

The song goes, How dry I am how wet I’ll be if I don’t find the bathroom key, I found the key, it helped a lot………… Help me out here, something about missing the pot.

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  • How Dry I Am

    -collected by Laura Ross

    Tune: “How Dry I Am”

    How dry I am

    How wet I’ll be

    If I don’t find

    The bathroom key

    I found the key

    Now where’s the door?

    It’s too late now

    It’s on the floor

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  • this is all i found

    How dry I am. ♫

    How wet I’ll Be. ♫

    If I don’t find ♫

    the bathroom key. ♫

    I found the key. ♫

    I opened the door. ♫

    But it’s too late. ♫

    It’s on the floor. ♫

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