Am I a first generation Asian-American?

Or am I second generation Asian American?

My parents are from a different country and I was born in the United States..

8 Answers

  • You are the second generation, contrary to popular belief.

    The first generation is always the first person (or people) in the family to move to the new country.

    Their children are the second generation.

    Their grandchildren are the third generation.

  • Second Generation Asian American

  • 1st Generation.

  • technically, you would be second. at least that is what people say. if your parents are in america (even if they aren’t born there), they would be considered first. my parents are not born in america, yet i was and people call them first generation. it’s weird, but that’s what most people say to me

    EDIT: lol, haters. i know what i’m talking about . i lived in america all my life.

  • first generation.

  • 1st

  • How should I know?! In the real world, you’re like the 427394564652406504654037701274092364203945 generation!

  • why didn’t you chose the asian avatar? don’t go getting eyelid surgery now .

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