Am I a loner or lonely?

I have always preferred to stay alone n my mother was my best friend… nearly 2 years ago my crush rejected me n after that I lost my mum.. so I adopted a dog who I treat like my baby, cuddle him, behave like his mother etc.. i don’t like to keep people close to me… so am I a loner or lonely?

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  • Neither Sir / Mam,

    l think your grieving very normally over your

    crush on one hand,,and your mum as well

    on the other.

    You might find grief counselling from a

    normal counsellor helpful, please ask your

    doctor for a referal if you agree with me?

    As both are major losses.

    Best of Science


    Source:) studies & your friendship with

    your dog is wonderful.

  • A loner as long as you have some happiness or contentment being alone.

  • Two losses could cause serious grieving. You may still be in the process of accepting these losses. Don’t label yourself yet, just cope and grow.

  • Sounds like both . Try and join a class or a gym and get out to meet people

  • loner

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