Am I heartless because I don’t care about Animals?

Am I evil or heartless because I don’t cry when Animals die, I don’t hold them to the same level as humans? I mean I like dogs and cats they are fun to play with but if one dies I really don’t care. Is that a bad thing? Some people get all tore up when an animal dies and I just don’t understand, what is it about them that some people get all attached? To me they are just stupid animals and since we are over populated on them I could care less if we started exterminating strays on sight.

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  • I wouldn’t say you have anything wrong with you, but you are a little cold.

  • I don't really blame you. I don't cry when my pets have died. I like them, but they are not family members like animal nut jobs say. My mom is a family member and I can tell you my dog is nowhere near as important as she. They are not "fur babies" either. They are animals. They have been domesticated for human enjoyment and entertainment. Honestly when I met my fiance and got pregnant, I quit caring about my animals. I worried about them hurting my baby and hated them. This wasn't a good life for them, so I gave them to my mom who needed company. I saw walking the dog as a huge burden and resented her for it. Say I'm heartless, but it is what it is. Still hate seeing animals get hurt. Just think humans are more important.

  • No not at all! Not everyone likes animals and they don’t have too. You have never done any animal cruelty so really you aren’t a heartless person. But really animals aren’t just cats and dogs. It is other types too.

  • Have you ever had your own pet? Like a dog? I don’t cry if someone else’s pet dies. Although I feel bad- I don’t really care if someone else’s pet dies unless I know them- then it just bothers me. But when it’s my pet, you BET I cry! I don’t think you’re heartless because of it. You just have your priorities set up differently then most people on this section. I am a strong believer of letting other people think what they think even if it’s not the same as me. As long as you don’t go around telling people that you think their animal is worthless then you’re okay.

  • As of July 2008, 45 states have enacted felony-level penalties for certain acts of animal cruelty, 31 of them in the last ten years. It’s not against the law to disregard animals’ deaths. It is against the law to kill animals. That aside, you aren’t necessarily heartless just for your non-caring about animals. Perhaps you should get a fish tank and try raising some pet fish. There’s something neat in seeing something like a pet or plant you’ve been taking care of really do well and be happy and healthy. You can have the satisfaction of knowing that that animal (or that plant) is thriving because of your care that you’ve given it.

  • “some people get all attached” because pets show unconditional love, something you don’t really get from another human being. It’s sad that you find them to be “just stupid animals” and that you could care less if they die. That just makes you a colder person. No compassion. Do you also feel that the homeless population should be killed too? They must annoy you to no end!

  • YES I personally care about animals more than humans! Animals you know what you are getting they are straight foward with their intentions and when they love you it is true and unconditional Humans are liars, cheats, decietful and manipulative. Humans change their feelings with their moods or to suit their agenda. The bond you get with an animal is lasting and true NOT TRUE with humans!

    Now don’t get me wrong I do not get upset about wild animals dying (predator/prey) as it is part of nature, but watching a beloved pet pass on is the same as watching a beloved family member

  • YES!

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