Am I legally required to provide a roadworthy certificate to the buyer of my car??

My car is registered in NSW and has never had to have a roadworthy done as it has been under 3 years old at registration time. I am now selling my car to a person who intends on registering the car in Victoria. This person has asked for a roadworthy to be done. Am I legally required to do this? I would assume that they would have to get a roadworthy done when they transfer the registration to Victoria.

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  • In your case, there’s no legal requirement for you to provide a pink slip to the purchaser, but that’s because you’re selling to someone in Vic.

    BUT, if you’re selling a NSW registered car to someone who’s going to register it in NSW, you’re legally required to provide a pink slip IF the buyer asks for one.

    Pink slips are pretty cheap, around $30. And like JJ said, it does make it easier to sell if the buyer knows it’s roadworthy.

  • Current roadworthy certificate for NSW registered vehicles is no longer a requirement, but highly advisable

    Its a great selling point. It determines value for money and ensures the vehicle is safe and in working order. Assuming you’re not hiding anything, you should agree to a roadworthy at your expense as it will justify the price you are asking.

    In Victoria a Certificate of Roadworthiness is generally required when a vehicle is sold or if a used vehicle is to be re-registered. This helps minimise the number of poorly maintained vehicles on the road.

    You would generally be expected to pay for it or deduct the cost of it off the car and only complete sale if the roadworthy comes back will an all good, or renegotiate the price so that repairs can be done.


    The laws and wording are a bit different in each state… And the territories can be even more confusing! This is the info that I could pull up as far as selling a car in the ACT goes: The seller must provide the buyer with: the signed, current registration certificate The buyer must, within 14 days, provide in person: a passed, vehicle inspection report, if the car is more than six years old the signed, current registration certificate a current ACT photo licence or primary and secondary proof of identity proof that the car is normally kept in the ACT. It looks like all you are legally required to provide the buyer with is the current registration certificate.

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  • No, you can sell the car “as is, were is” which leaves all repairs that may be needed up to the new owner.

    However, as the car is less than 3 years old, your previous answer is a good one, it would certainly help sell the car, and is really no different to buyer taking it for their own inspection.

    Remember it’s a buyers market, buyers will use any means to force your price down.

  • No, in NSW and NT you have mandotary RWC every year when your car registration is due. So, they buyer will have to do it when his rego or your current rego is due. In Vic you need only do a RWC when changing ownership that’s why VIC has the highest unroadworthy cars. Because it is a loophole someone can drive a car for 10years without going through a road inspection.

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