am i related to any celebrity?

19 Answers

  • you can find out if you do some research at:

    Check it out. My relative said she’s Drew Barrymore’s 52nd cousin!

  • YES

    you are related to paris hilton, dumbshit

  • We’re all related — ancient ancestors in common. 🙂

  • YA!!!! didnt you ever know, you are miley cyrus’s twin, gorge lopez’s real daughter, and justin timberlake’s cousin!!! wooo!


  • Get a life.

  • yes u r related to lil jon or lil boosie or flava flave

  • yes..u are related to…….EDDIE MONEY! lol…no really…ur related to ur mother..who is hannah montana. and i am ur grandpaw…billy ray cyrus

  • ammmmmmm….. yah!! your related to Lindsay loan!!!

    NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! get a life!! and come up wiv a better question next time!

  • uh Kay, get off ur lazy butt and research it! odds r if u were, you’d be notified. Gosh!

    btw, thanx for the 2 pts.

  • Research your family tree, I’m not psychic.

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