An alternative to Cartoon World Forum?

So, I guess that Cartoon World is dead. I've heard that it's because the guy running it can't pay for it or something? I'm really sad to see it go, but I'm more sad that I've lost my source for anime.

Are there any other sites similar to Cartoon World? Any places where I can get my anime fix?


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  • This is striate from the site

    What Hapƿє-ṅєd To Cartoon-World?!

    Basically Cartoon-World's server cost was adding up and lack of donations, the owner had no choice but to not continue with the hosting. The only reason why your seeing this website now is because I, Jetstream a user of Cartoon-World's very own forums noticed this and tried to find any information to restore the website with my own server.DigiPokeMon is also helping me with this as well, but all we can do now is hope on Cartoon-World's fate.

    Read Updates on C-W's future.

    06/15/09 Hi Everyone, Jetstream here from Cartoon-World Forums, Basically I'm trying to help out Cartoon-World with hosting the forum and website for the next 3 yrs. But even so this is not officially talked to about by Cartoon-World Staff I'm trying to ask them if they would like the offer. Lets hope for a return of Cartoon-World!

    06/15/09 UPDATE: I have talked with Cartoon-World staff and in the process of going to restore the website. Please Bear With Me.

    06/17/09 UPDATE: Alright, So here's what's going to happen to C-W... Not much in detail, but for now I will say that the forums will be restored with little kinks here and there.

    06/19/09 UPDATE: Don't worry guys, nothing bad or anything just wanted to give you notice on whats going on I couldn't work on the restoring today because my cable company charged me a bill of $400 so I switched over to a different service today and going back to work on the backup/restore again.

    IRC information

    IRC Group:#cartoon-world


    And to get your fix go to my profile of veoh it is and also check out the groups i have join on my profile

  • Cartoon World Forum

  • Cartoon World App

  • If you wan a similar forum I would sugest, or specifically

    It uses the same template and you will probly realise a lot of members from cartoon world forum working as mods and participating in general 🙂

    Hope to see you on our boards 🙂

  • Yes torrents sites like have tons of anime torrents. Trust me you do not want to stream you want to download.


    i like it it have a decent amount and it updates and fix their videos off-en

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