an amendment may be formally proposed only by?

a. The president or the court

b. congress or national conventions

c. congress or the president

d. state conventions or the electorate

3 Answers

  • An amendment must formally be proposed in congress.

    The idea can come from anywhere, such as a petition circulated within a concressional district, or with national support from an organization dedicated to pushing the idea into congress , like what happened with prohibition , but it still has to be sponsored by a member of congress.

    If the proposed ammendment is approved by two thirds of both houses of congress it is then sent to all 50 state legislatures,,, needing three fourths of the states to approve it before it is adopted .


    If 2/3 of the states call for a constitutional convention they can propose as many amendments as they like.

    This has never happened ,,,, but it could , especially with present day demographics of rural states being primarily republican the constitutional convention could be used to pass legislation that could not be overturned based on it’s constitutionality.

  • Pertaining to what? US constitution? Private Contract? State Constitutions?

  • A)

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