An open area free of woods and buildings

An open area free of woods and buildings


Answer : Field

Explanation : An open area of woods and buildings is a field.

The dictionary definition of field is that "It is an area of open land, especially one planted with crops or pasture, which typically bounded by hedges or fences made up of wood and also includes some buildings in it."

The area of a field is mainly where there are large number of woods are found in an open area along with some buildings in that area.

Field is an open area free of woods and buildings

Further explanation

According to 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, FIELD (a word common to many West German languages), open country as opposed to woodland or to the town, and particularly land for cultivation divided up into separate portions by hedges, banks, stone walls.The word is similarly applied to a region with particular reference to its products, as oil-field, gold-field. For the “open” or “common field” system of agriculture in village communities

There are many definitions of field:

an open land area free of woods and buildings an area of cleared land used especially for planting cropa piece of land put to some special use or yielding some special product a place in which military operations are carried on an open space

The picture below showed the illustration of field.

The synonym of field is

For the definition is course of study or domain of knowledge: area, domain, sphere, realm For the definition is area reserved for playing a game: course (for golf), court (for racquet sports), ground, pitch (for soccer, rugby, cricket) For the definition is location for the input of information: input field, boxLearn moreLearn more about field Answer details

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An open area free of woods and buildings





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