An outline for a compare-and-contrast paragraph of two editorials must include

An outline for a compare-and-contrast paragraph of two editorials must include a. two thesis statements. b. details from just one editorial. c. a variety of counterclaims. d. a concluding statement.


A compare and contrast paragraph about two editorial needs to include information and details about both editorials in order to compare them. However, only one thesis statement is neccesary, and there is no limit of counterclaims to be included. Nevertheless, as for any other paragraph, the outline for a compare and contrast paragraph must include a concluding statement that summarizes the main ideas mentioned.

A.two thesis statements.

Thesis statement

Explanation: Thesis statement is used to develop readers interest in your topic and encourage your readers to continue reading, and it’s usually appears at the bottom of the introductory paragraph of a paper, and offers a simple summary of the main point or claim of the essay, research paper, etc.

Furthermore, It is referred to as a sentence that actually expresses the main idea of a research paper or essay, such as an expository essay or argumentative essay and it makes a claim, directly answering a question, however, thesis statement focuses an authors ideas into one or two sentences.

D) Conclusion

The answer that best fills the blank besides number 4 in the outline is:

D. Conclusion

Whenever one is writing a paragraph, one needs a topic sentence which introduces the topic and the main claim. Then, in a compare and contrast paragraph, one would explain each of the points (as shown in points 2 and 3 of the outline). Finally, in the conclusion one restates the main claim and adds some insight about the topic based on what was discussed throughout the paragraph.

I Think The answer is c I hope it helps Message Me if I’m wrong and I’ll change My answer and fix it for you
The correct answer is this one: "details from both editorials to support each point." An outline for a compare-and-contrast paragraph of two editorials must include details from both editorials to support each point. Without details, there's nothing to be compared or contrasted; there'll be also no ideas to talk about.
The outline should include a complete bio of each editorial in addition to the points you are comparing and cantrasting. Why you chose these two articles. I.e. (how the two articles will help and or support you with your original argument). Good Luck

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