AND ILL FOLLOW YOU write a lab report on how proteins are built

AND ILL FOLLOW YOU write a lab report on how proteins are built


Within a protein, multiple amino acids are linked together by peptide bonds, thereby forming a long chain. Peptide bonds are formed by a biochemical reaction that extracts a water molecule as it joins the amino group of one amino acid to the carboxyl group of a neighboring amino acid.

Proteins are built through protein synthesis. In protein synthesis, there are two parts, transcription and translation. In transcription, a strand of DNA is copied into mRNA with the use of specialized enzymes. Through mRNA processing, the introns of the strand, the non-needed parts of the strand, are removed. mRNA processing only occurs in eukaryotic cells as they are the only type of cell to have non-essential DNA. The mRNA is then converted to tRNA through the process of translation, which also uses specialized enzymes. On the ribosome, where translation occurs, tRNA is matched to the corresponding amino acid for every 3 letters that correspond to it. For example the mRNA strand of AUG is translated to match with the amino acid Methionine. The strand of amino acids gradually builds as more of the sequence is read by the tRNA and built on the ribosome.

I hope this helps/ makes sense and i will write more if needed.

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