Antartian What does this word mean?


Word used in many jokes.

What does it mean?

How did it orginate?

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  • Hi george, the others are correct, but it is used these days in jokes to represent a laughing stock person, usually someone stupid, as not to be offensive to any paticular person or race, a good example of an antartian would be a blonde, or david beckham for their projected stupidity.

  • “Antartian” is not found in any English dictionary, but it can be found in the WWW computer world in Google search. Antartians are phantoms that live in the realm of the imagination and surrealism, mostly in the form of Jokes. They are the mythical and impossible characters capable of creating smiles and laughter. Since Laughter is well know to be “The Best Medicine”,

    for a smile logon to

  • Darren_G is absolutely right and I agree with him about it

  • I havent a clue.But thanks for the points.In fact i don't really care, as long as i get the points.

  • Tyria Sarkin

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    Tyria Sarkin is a character from the fictional Star Wars Expanded Universe. She is a member of Wraith Squadron, and later becomes a Jedi Knight.

    As a character, Tyria Sarkin features in the X-wing series during the three novels of the Wraith Squadron arc, and is referred to several times in two books of the The New Jedi Order series. All of Tyria's appearances have been penned by Aaron Allston.

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    1 Profile

    2 History

    2.1 Early Life and career

    2.2 Wraith Squadron

    2.3 After the transfer

    3 Appearances



    Tyria has been described as tall and slender, with long blonde hair.




    Early Life and career

    Tyria Sarkin was born on the world of Toprawa, into a family closely associated with the Antarian Rangers. After the events of the Battle of Yavin, Toprawa was bombed by the Empire for its role in the transmission of the Death Star plans to the Tantive IV, reducing the world to a near-Stone Age level.

    Her entire family killed in the bombardment, Tyria was able to survive using the skills learned from the Rangers to survive for several years, before she was able to find a way off-world to join the recently-formed New Republic. She was accepted into the New Republic Military for training when it became known that she possessed some rudimentary control of the Force. After meeting with and being tested by Luke Skywalker, Tyria was told that she did not have the level of Force control required to justify training her as a Jedi, and was recommended to stay with starfighter training.

    Her training as a starfighter pilot proceeded poorly, and Tyria was on the verge of being discharged when she was transferred to a remedial training squadron under Major Aton Repness, where her scores began to improve. Just before their final examination, Repness approached Tyria with a proposition to raise her low scores; if she agreed to steal an X-wing and dump it for Repness' associates to sell on the black market. When she refused, he threatened her with charges of insubordination and revealed that he had been falsifying her scores all along. Had he not been doing so, she would have washed out weeks before. Blackmailed into keeping her mouth shut, graduated at the bottom of her class and immediately applied for the new squadron Wedge Antilles was forming.


    Wraith Squadron

    Antilles was looking to form a new X-wing unit who were "commandos first, pilots second". She was successfully accepted into the squadron, as the lowest rated of the ten pilots. Tyria was responsible for the naming of the new starfighter squadron the Wraiths, and constantly strived to improve her position within the squadron.

    During the first month of Wraith Squadron's active service, Tyria was placed on report after attacking fellow pilot Grinder who had suggested that he edit her combat scores to push her up in the squadron. This charge was later struck from her record.

    When a new recruit, Lara Notsil, came to the squadron after exposing Repness and his black market ring, Tyria finally went to her commanding officer, Wedge Antilles, and came clean about her prior association with Repness and faked test scores. He was surprised by her honest spirit and lack of deception, and agreed to stand by her and defend any charges that may arise from the investigation. After that incident Tyria's Force abilities started to emerge more readily, when she was calm and at ease.

    She was soon after able to sense an assassination attempt on General Solo, saving him and most of his bridge crew from a brainwashed New Republic A-wing pilot who fired on Mon Remonda, Solo's flagship. After the defeat of Warlord Zsinj, Wraith Squadron was transferred from Starfighter Command to New Republic Intelligence. Tyria, along with the majority of the Wraith pilots, took the transfer.


    After the transfer

    Tyria continued to serve with the Wraiths, continuing the relationship with Kell Tainer that had begun during the first month of the squadron's operation. The couple later married, and while Kell stayed with the squadron, Tyria left to raise their child, Doran Tainer, and learn the ways of the Jedi. Although she never studied at the Jedi Academy, or trained under Luke Skywalker directly, Tyria learned from the material sent to her by Luke, along with her own research.

    Sometime around 10 ABY, she was made a Jedi Knight, and began to train Doran. Tyria and Doran manage to stay out of trouble during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, and are assumed to have survived.

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