Any clubs in Melbourne that dont scan ID’s?

I have had my L’s turned into a fake ID and it is good for bars and buying alcohol but cant get into clubs that scan the ID. Is there any in Melbourne that accept L’s as ID and dont use a scanner?

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  • I agree with the other answers but alot of clubs don’t scan them such as CQ bar, Alumbra, The Deck (waterside), Infectious, La Di Da, Soho (this is really crap though), Chasers, QBH (I think) – Alot in the city don’t scan but the security will know if it’s a fake and there is a hefty fine but I know all crown clubs ID’s are scanned and some in the outer areas.

  • Cq Club Melbourne

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  • Those that check your ID for buying alcohol only roughly scan it to make sure it is your photo and the DOB is correct.

    Security at clubs can tell a fake ID without needing to scan it, they kno exactly what to look for and they have seen it all before.

    Just wait a year.

  • Try Melbourne City RSL

  • Mels right, you cant get much past the security these days, they have seen it all!

    when i turned 18 my best friend was still 17 for a couple months but we wanted to go clubbing so we took her sisters id.. it worked for some bars & buying smokes etc, like you said but as soon as we went to crown it was taken off us and they called the cops.. no jokes. they nearly fined her sister $2000 but she convinced them not too..

    they take it very seriously now and if you get caught with a totally fake one, chances are they will charge and fine you.

    just wait. its not worth it.

  • none that would want the patronage of a 17 year old with a fake ID.

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